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Boils remedy, natural Boils remedy, natural remedy, natural preventative for Boils, natural Boils remedies, Boils home remedies, Boils remedy, home remedies for Boils.

Natural Alternatives for Boils

Boils Home Remedies

Corns and calluses treatment using oils.

Treat boils using vinegar - Cut a brown paper bag big enough to cover the boil. Make several layers the same size out of the brown paper bag. Soak each piece of paper in distilled vinegar until they are saturated. Place each layer over the boil. Tape in place and leave it on overnight. When you take it off in the morning the boil would have burst or very close to bursting. If it is close to bursting just a very very slight pull will burst it. Make sure you keep the area clean.

Treat boils using parsley flakes - The parsley has to be dry parsley flakes. DO NOT moisten the flakes. Place dry parsley flakes on and around the boil. Cover the area with a bandage and leave on overnight. This may have to be repeated if the pus is deep. Parsley is one of mother natures strongest drawing agents and is guaranteed to work.
Treat boils using parsley flakes.

Treat boils using tomato paste.

Treat boils using tomato paste - Apply tomato paste on and around the boil. Cover this with a piece of gauze and tape and leave it on overnight. The next morning the boil would have burst or is about to burst. Repeat this remedy if necessary.

Treat boils using Epsom salt - Get a container of water, as hot as you can possibly stand. Dip a washcloth in the hot water and then quickly into the Epsom salt and place over the boil. When it looses the heat repeat as many times as necessary until the boil bursts.
Treat boils using epsom salt.

Treat boils using campho phenique.

Treat boils using camphor phenique - Cut a piece of gauze large enough to cover the boil. Put some campho phenique on the gauze and press onto the boil. Apply a little pressure for about 5 minutes. You should start to see results in minutes, or you may also leave the gauze on overnight.

Treat boils using onions - Cut an onion in half. Place one half in a fry pan and heat till just hot but not burning. Hot enough that it won't burn the skin. Remove the middle of the onion so it's just big enough to accommodate the boil. Leave it over the boil until the onion has cooled completely. This will draw out the pus.
Treat boils using onions.

Treat boils using bactine spray.

Treat boils using bactine spray - Spray boils morning and night with bactine spray. This helps the boils from becoming large. This method is a prevention rather than a cure.

Treat boils using baking soda - soak a wash cloth in water and microwave for about 30 seconds. Enough to make it hot. Place over the boil till it cools. Repeat this several times. Make a paste mixing baking soda with a little water. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and apply to the boil. Use a Band-Aid to keep the cotton ball on. Leave on for at least 2 hours, more if you wish. When you take the cotton ball off the boil the head should pop and the pus will ooze out.
treat boils using baking soda.

Treat boils using a glass bottle.

Treat boils using a glass bottle - This method is the quickest way to lance a boil. Boil some water and place the bottle in the water till quite hot. Hot enough for you to stand against the skin without getting burnt. Place the bottle opening over the boil and hold it there. The heat will create a suction and pull the boil out.

Treat boils using lavender oil - Dab the lavender oil on and around the boil. Cover this with gauze. Throughout the day put a heated cloth over the gauze. The lavender oil helps to bring the boil to a head and the heat cloth helps pull the infection out of the skin. The same can be done with teatree oil.
Treat boils using lavender oil.

Treat boils using charcoal.

Treat boils using charcoal - This method works well and is one that I always use for my children. Take two charcoal capsules and empty the powder out of each shell. Add a few drops of water to make a paste and apply this paste to the boil. Cover the boil and leave on overnight. When the cover is removed the boil will pop right away and the pus will ooze out.

Treat boils using flour - Mix some flour with a few drops of vinegar. Make it a thick paste. Apply this paste to the boil and cover with gauze or a Band-Aid. Leave this overnight. The next morning the paste would have hardened. Much like a cast. When you pull this off the head will come out with it allowing the pus to ooze.
Treat boils using flour.

Treat boils using banana peel.

Treat boils using banana peel - Place banana peels on the boil and leave it there as long as possible. Preferably overnight. The next morning the boil would have drained on it's own.

Readers Remedies for Boils

Remedy By - Mary
Date -
21 March 2011
Tea tree oil & epson salt helped take away a very painful boil from the end of my spine in a couple of days. I hope this remedy helps you to.

Remedy By - Nikki
Date -
4 March 2011
OMG...I suffered from a boil for the FIRST time in my life. Located in the groin area next to the genitals. It started off as a small lump and then gradually got a little bigger so I started taking Echinacea & Goldenseal extract I purchased from a
whole foods store. This stimulated your immune system response by bringing more white blood cells to the boil, to fight the infection. I also started applying Organic Tea Tree oil 3 times a day. I was in more pain because it got bigger. The extracts work to bring it to a head FAST. On the 4th day just when I couldn't take anymore pain, the boil bursts on its own. TRY THIS BOIL REMEDY. The extracts work and are natural. DO NOT INGEST tea tree oil, it is to be used externally ONLY. DO NOT take Echinacea & Goldenseal if you have secondary health issues WITHOUT discussing with your MD first.

Remedy By - Rhonda
Date -
2 February 2011
I tried this funkssalve, it works great on so many things. I have actually been sharing it with family and friends. It works great. I even had a zit and it healed it rapidly! Love this stuff I will recommend it to anyone all the ingredients are natural in it. Check it out.I've used it on acne, scrapes, boils, & skin cracks. I know that it list many more uses on their site. A little actually goes a long way, totally worth the money. Visit their website to read more.

Remedy By - Ann
Date -
9 January 2011
Sunlight, soap and sugar. Grate the soap with a cheese grater, mix with sugar and a little water and apply to the boil. Bandage it and it will have burst by the next day. Also I was told to eat lots of Raisins and they are suppose to be good for your blood. I have not had a boil in the last 16 years. Give it ago it worked for me.

Remedy By - Ocean
Date -
8 December 2010
Baking soda, salt, and peroxide. Mix together to make a paste. Apply to boil and put a bandaid on it. Change every 6 hrs. Should take the boil away in 2 days or less.

Remedy By - Cheryl
Date -
11 August 2010
I get boils a lot especially in the winter in my private area! I have tried everything from boil ease to egg whites and nothing really worked! But after a week and half of excruciating pain I was ready to go to the hospital for the 2nd time and get it drained. It was so painful. So then I came across this site and I found a remedy I hadn't tried before. The flour and vinegar! I just made sure the paste was thick. I put it on the boil, waited for it to dry, covered it with a cotton ball and left it on for 4 hours. As soon I took the cotton ball off it started draining! THANK GOD! I was in a a lot of pain not being able to walk for a week. I recommend anyone with boils to try this remedy it works!

Remedy By - Danny
Date -
11 March 2010
I tried MANY things to stop or reduce the boils I would get on my neck. Ichthammol, Rx mupirocin, parsley, etc... the ONLY thing that seems to stop the boils from getting nasty and makes them clear faster is a rag soaked in HOT water with Epsom salts dissolved in. Do it as hot as you can and as often as you can. It helped me and continues to help me.

Remedy By - Shawn
Date -
3 March 2010
Make a thick paste of vinegar & baking will react so be sure to combine in small amounts to allow the fizzling to subside. Clean the infected area very well and then apply a small amount of paste with a cotton swab. Apply a large bandage to the site and make sure to change at least twice a day, perhaps more depending on the amount of drainage. It took less than 12 hours for a huge boil to rupture whereas before it had taken days to get any sort of relief. Once it has completely ruptured and the oozing has subsided, continue using the baking soda but just mix with a small amount of water for a few days following until the area has completely dried out. Works beautifully and was the fastest and least painful cure to date for me!!!

Remedy By - Candace
Date -
20 September 2008
I use French green clay: mix it up with apple cider vinegar and make a thick paste and apply for several hours. Hot ginger packs work too.

Remedy By - Mike
Date -
17 July 2008
Ichthammol cream. This stuff works. It was the answer to my prayers. I had about five boils in one area. They burst within 2 hours of applying the cream. I was in so much pain. The stuff stinks but I was at the point where I didn't care what I smelled like. I went to work with the it on. I was at work looking for a remedy. I went to luch and picked up the cream from walgreens pharmacy. It was only three dollar. Boilease was like 10 dollars and doesn't help at all. Try this remedy it really helped me a ton.

Remedy By - Alice Julie
Date -
11 July 2008
Make a paste of sandal wood powder and turmeric powder. And apply that paste on the boils.

Remedy By - PJ
Date -
17 May 2008
Combine a small amount of baking soda, sea salt, and minced garlic or turmeric(spice) or apple cider vinegar (anti-microbials) into a paste. Go heavy on the baking soda. Apply paste to a Band-Aid large enough to cover the boil and apply to site. Leave on overnight and most boils will come to a head. Repeat as necessary for as long as desired; I've had some bad ones that have taken 4+ days to completely be drawn out.

Remedy By - Pastor Moses Datsu
Date -
29 March 2007
To treat boils, just deep your finger tip into kerosene and rub on the affected part of the body,do this for two maximum three days, you will discover that it will dry from the inside. It works for me every time, good luck and God bless.

We would like to personally thank Pastor Moses Datsu for submitting this remedy. Visit Pastor Moses Datsu's site by clicking HERE

Remedy By - Emma
Date -
11 December 2006
This is good old aussie remedy.To clear up a Ulcer in the mouth you should put vegemite on the Ulcer. It may sting but it will fasten up the process of getting rid of the Ulcer.

Remedy By - Mirna
Date -
2 August 2006
To treat boils, there is very simple and effective treatment, which are egg yolks. Just apply them on and around the boil, within 30 minutes the pus from them will come out. This definitely works, I tried it myself.

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