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Natural Alternatives for Treating Insect Bites

Insect Bites Home Remedies

Treat insect bites with oxy clean granules

Treat insect bites using oxy clean granules - Make a thick paste using oxy clean granules and water and apply the paste to any insect bites you might have.

Treat insect bites using tea free oil - Use a Q-tip and dab tea tree oil directly onto any insect bites. This remedy takes away the itch of insect bites.
Treat insect bites using tea tree oil

Treat insect bites using corn starch

Treat insect bites using corn starch - Make a thick paste of corn starch and water. Mix it well and apply to your insect bites. This really works well in reducing the itch.

Treat insect bites using mud - This remedy is excellent if you are outdoors at the beach, fishing, or even camping. You usually get loads of insect bites when you are outdoors. If you do rub mud onto he bites. It works incredibly well.
Treat insect bites by using mud

Treat insect bites using clorox bleach

Treat insect bites using Clorox bleach - this remedy is good for bee stings, wasp stings or the like. When you get bitten simply pour Clorox bleach onto the area you were bitten. Be careful not to get the bleach on your clothing.

Treat insect bites using Windex - Spray Windex onto your insect bites. It relieves the itch. Any spray will work if it has ammonia in it. It's the ammonia that helps stop the itch.
Treat insect bites using windex

Treat insect bites using lemon

Treat insect bites using lemon - Cut a slice of lemon and place over the bite. This works extremely well with bee stings.

Treat insect bites using garlic - When I was a little girl I was bitten by an ant. An Australian QLD greenant. They hurt like hell. A lady told my mother about this remedy and now I use it on my own kids. Mash a clove of garlic and rub into the bite. The pain goes right away.
Treat insect bites using garlic

Treat insect bites using toothpaste

Treat insect bites using toothpaste - Within half an hour of being bitten rub some toothpaste into the bite. It must be white toothpaste and not the gel type. Do not wash it off. Leave it there till it washes off itself.

Treat insect bites using aspirin - This remedy works extremely well with bee stings. Take an aspirin and run it under water for a few seconds. Then simply rub the aspirin onto the bite. This reduces the swelling and stops the pain.
Treat insect bites using asprin

Treat insect bites using clear nail polish

Treat insect bites using clear nail polish - This may sound weird but it really does work. If you get an insect bite paint some clear nail polish onto the bite. It really has worked for me.

Treat insect bites using tomato - If you get bitten by stung by an insect slice a tomato and put on the bite. This will help reduce the pain and swelling.
Treat insect bites using tomato

Treat insect bites using mustard

Treat insect bites using mustard - Use plain mustard on wasps and bee stings. It draws out the poisons and toxins really really quickly. You would be surprised at how fast it relieves the pain and swelling.

Treat insect bites using vinegar - Soak a cotton ball in some vinegar. When it is completely soaked place it over the bite. This will give instant relief.
Treat insect bites using vinegar

Treat insect bites using charcoal

Treat insect bites using charcoal - Charcoal is good for many conditions. I always use charcoal and always have charcoal caps in the cupboard. Open just one capsule and mix the contents with a drop of water. Mix it to a paste and put it on the bite. Cover it with a bandaid.

Readers Remedies for Insect Bites

Remedy By - Irene
Date - 14 July 2008
If it's a bee, you need to remove the stinger first! Shred a little (1/4--1/2) of a raw potato or an onion (potatos are less smelly, but both work about the same), apply the paste to the sting area, cover with Saran Wrap ar similar film and use a bandage or tape to hold in place. Keep for several hours, until the swelling is gone, but if applied immediately, it can have the effect even in an hour. The pain usually goes away immediately, and after the swelling is gone, it may still become a little itchy the next day. I have been using this remedy on myself and my family for over 30 years, and it works as a miracle..

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