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Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps remedy, natural Menstrual Cramps remedy, natural remedy, natural preventative for Menstrual Cramps, natural Menstrual Cramps remedies, Menstrual Cramps home remedies, Menstrual Cramps remedy, home remedies for Menstrual Cramps. Natural treatment for Menstrual Cramps.

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Natural Alternatives for Treating Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps Home Remedies

Treat menstrual cramps using pickle juice.

Treat menstrual cramps using pickle juice - Simply drain the juice from a bottle of pickles and drink. You could also make the juice into popsicle to eat when you feel the cramps coming on. This remedy really works wonders.

Treat menstrual cramps using a heat pack

Treat menstrual cramps using a heat pack - I have always suffered from severe menstrual cramps all my life. I have tried all the medication available over the counter and none work as good as the good old heat pack remedy. Either purchase a heat pack or make a square bag out of two pieces of material sewn together and put a heap of rice in it then sew the end up. You can put this heat pack in the microwave to heat it then simply place it on your abdomen. It works wonders, believe me.

Treat menstrual cramps using olive or corn oil - This is a remedy my great grandmother gave to me when I was a teenager. Simply heat a few tablespoons of either olive oil or corn oil in the microwave and massage into the lower area of your stomach and also on the lower back. If you do this every morning of your cycle you will be pain free for the cycle of your period.
Treat menstrual cramps using olive or corn oil.

Treat menstrual cramps using Evening Primrose Oil

Treat menstrual cramps using Evening Primrose Oil - Take evening primrose oil on a regular basis. The oil blocks the inflammatory prostaglandin's that cause menstrual cramps. It also appears to ease breast tenderness that some women experience just before their periods.

Treat menstrual cramps using pumpkin seeds - Start eating a quarter of cup of pumpkin seeds a day 1 week before your period is due. Continue to eat them through your period and you will be pain free.
Treat menstrual cramps with pumpkin seeds.

Treat menstual cramps using natural yohurt.

Treat menstrual cramps by using yogurt or milk - This home remedy for menstrual cramps is very easy. Simply eat two tubs of yogurt a day or drink two glasses of milk daily. You may also want to try any calcium supplement.

Treat menstrual cramps with oregano - Boil 1 liter of water and then add 3 tablespoons of oregano leaves. Leave to boil for 10 minutes. Then drain the water into a container and drink a glass each morning. This will make you feel better all day.
Treat menstrual cramps with oregano.

Readers Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Remedy By - Sarai
Date - 26 October 2008
I make and drink some cinnamon tea. Before I start my period and while I'm in it.

Remedy By - Tori
Date - 23 October 2008
I would cringe when it was time for my cycle. I met this elderly lady at my church and she told me to buy some ginger root slice off what i need and boil it. Afterward make it into a tea drink and you will notice a decrease in your cramps.

Remedy By - Unknown
Date - 22 July 2008
Ginseng Tea. My closest friend is Chinese, and several times when I'd stay over at her house, we'd both have our periods at the same time, so her Grandmother (who lives with her, and can only say "Joi no home" in "Engrish") boiled a sliced ginseng root or two. It was the most effective thing I have EVER experienced. The problem is, I have yet to actually find ginseng roots, and it's my understanding that they're sold consistently in Asian Markets. So find em, boil em, drink the tea, be free. :]

Remedy By - Unknown
Date - 14 July 2008
Eating bananas really help treat menstrual cramps. They help me fairly well. Just eat one in the morning and one at night.

Remedy By - Janel
Date - 23 May 2008
I have monsterous cramps and menstrual symptoms that leave me literally crawling in pain, throwing up every month. Something that's help ME lots that I realize isn't on the site, is changing my diet. I went partly vegetarian for other reasons and realized my period was lighter. I'm not saying you have to abandon meat completely, but try not eating meat, especially red, the week leading up to the period, it helps a lot. I've also heard that cutting dairy and sweets help, but I haven't had the discipline to try those myself yet!

Remedy By - GK
Date - 14 November 2007
I have a combination of 3 things that seem, together, to help me out. To fit in all three is time-consuming, unfortunately, but worth it if you can pull it off. First, I am getting pretty good at knowing when my period is about to start, and I try to get in to a yoga class the night before. It stretches and strengthens and loosens everything up. Then, as soon as the bleeding starts, drink lots of hot tea (oregano, red raspberry leaf or ginger are best) and use a heating pad alternating between the abdomen and the lower back. Without doing these things, I am nauseated for about a day and a half, and in significant, can-hardly-function caliber pain. With this remedy, I feel a some pain early on, but it's not nearly as intense. It subsides within an hour or 2 and I can get on with my life. It's worth taking a couple of hours when the pain hits if you can to slow down and do what YOUR body needs. That will keep you from losing whole days.

Remedy By - Unknown
Date - 26 March 2007
Starting at least one week before the flow commences, eat at least 1 ripe banana a day. I learned that from an elderly woman, and it worked for me. Also avoid sweets (cookies, cakes, candies, etc. during the flow)

Remedy By - Unknown
Date - 3 February 2007
While in Peru I met a "medicine man" who gave me an herbal cure for menstrual cramps. make a tea with 5-6 clusters of lantana flowers. i have terrible menstrual cramps, but within 5-10 minutes they are totally gone with lantana tea. I found a huge plant growing in Atlanta,Ga this summer so i picked a bag full and dried them. they work dried just as well. I have given some to several friends when they are in need,and they are always also amazed at the almost instantaneous results. Lantana is a very common ornamental plant sold at most nurseries. please spread the word so that women can be free from this pain! thank you!

Remedy By - Unknown
Date - 17 January 2007
Peppermint really helps my cramps. I like to make hot chocolate and add a little peppermint extract...within 20 minutes i start to feel the cramps go away. Making peppermint tea is also good. In general, anything with peppermint works!

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