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Natural Alternatives to Treat Warts

Warts Home Remedies

Treat warts using apple cider vinegar.

Warts treatment using apple cider vinegar - This remedy is the most sucessful remedy for getting rid of warts. Soak a tiny of bit of cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and place it on the wart. Cover it with a bandaid. Keep it like that untill the wart is gone. Just change the bandaid and cotton ball each day or each time it falls off.

Wart treatment using duct tape - This is the easiest remedy for getting rid of warts. Simply put duct tape around the warts. Change the tape each day or when it falls off. Using this method, my warts got real itchy but they were gone in a week.
Treat warts using duct tape.

Treat warts using vinegar.

Wart treatment using vinegar - This remedy is basically the same as the first but you are using any kind of vinegar. You do not have to use apple cider vinegar. Take the tip off a Q-tip and soak it in the vinegar. Put it on the wart and secure it with a bandaid. Leave it on till the wart is gone. I know many people who have used this method and every single time it's worked for all of them.

Wart treatment using banana peel - Next time you eat a banana keep the peel. Cut it into little square pieces about 1cm X 1cm and keep them in the freezer. When you have warts place a piece over the wart and secure with a bandaid. Change daily untill the wart is gone.
Treat warts using banana peel.

Treat warts using cocoa butter.

Wart treatment using palmers cocoa butter - This remedy I used for dry hands but it also took my warts away. I suffered from really dry scaly hands so one night I rubbed some palmers cocoa butter into them and put some plastic gloves on to sleep with so the cream didn't get everywhere. The next morning my hands were really soft and smooth but my warts where all gone also.

Wart treatment using garlic - Slice off a peice of garlic and put over your wart. Cover it with a bandaid overnight and in the morning take the bandaid off. There should be a blister on the wart. Let the blister bust and dry on it's own. This remedy can take about 9 days.
Treat warts using garlic.

Treat warts using clear nail polish.

Wart treatment using clear nail polish - Every morning and evening paint on clear nail polish onto your warts. Do this for about a week and they pull come off.

Wart treatment using castor oil - This remedy is not only for warts but for any skin growth that is raised from the skin, even moles. Mix some castor oil and baking soda till it's like a paste. Put some of the paste onto the wart, mole or other growth you have. do it daily. You should cover it with a bandaid when you have applied it. Within a couple of week it'll start to go red, swell and get a bit sore, but keep adding the paste each day till it's gone.
Treat warts using castor oil.

Treat warts using dandelion s.

Wart treatment using dandelions - Pick a dandelion and squeeze the white milky liquid from the stem and put it onto your warts. Do this each day and you will see your wart disappear.

Wart treatment using hydrogen peroxide - You will need to use 35% hydrogen peroxide. Take a Q-tip and dip it into the hydrogen peroxide and soak the wart with it. Do this as many time as possible during the day. Do it till the warts is gone.
Treat warts using  hydrogen peroxide.

Treat warts using potatoes

Wart treatment using potatoes - Peel and grate a white potato. Put the grated potato into a piece of cloth and squeeze out the juice into a cup. Apply the juice to your warts three times a day until the wart is gone.

Wart treatment using vitamin C - take one vitamin C tablets and crush it between two spoons. Put the crushed tablet on your wart and cover with a bandaid. Do this each time you have a shower so you always have a clean bandaid on the wart.
Treat warts using  vitamin C tablets

Treat warts using aloe vera

Wart treatment using aloe vera - Either buy aloe vera jel from the health food store or cut a leaf off an aloe vera plant and scrape the flesh from the inside. Apply the aloe vera jel to your warts every morning and evening. Your wart will fall off after a week, maybe two.

Wart treatment using vitamin E - Get a needle and put a hole in one end of a vitamin E capsule. Squeez the oil of the capsule onto your wart and cover the area with a bandaid. Keep doing this each day until the wart is gone.
Treat warts using  vitamin E capsules

Treat warts using orange peel

Wart treatment using orange peel - A few times each day rub orange peel onto the wart or cut a small piece of peel and place directly onto the wart. If using a piece make sure to cover it using a bandaid. The wart will eventually change color and fall off.

Wart treatment using cabbage - Cook just 1 leaf of a cabbage and wrap around your wart. Leave it there for 5 minutes. After two days the wart will be gone.
Treat warts using  cabbage

Treat warts using raddish

Wart treatment using raddish - Cut a slice off a raddish and place over the wart. Cover it with a bandaid. Change the raddish and bandaid each day until the wart is gone.

Readers Remedies for Warts

  Remedy By - Johnathon
Date - 24 March 2011

I have heard that it only takes 2-4 days for a wart to be gone after applying nail polish. Im giving it a try. Also I've heard that adding little bits of lime or lemon juice to water and drinking it twice a day or more will help get rid of the wart. I might not get to apply the nail polish to the wart everyday. But some have said that you only need to apply it once. Leave the nail polish on to dry. By the time it hits rock solid the wart should come off with the nail polish when you peel it off. Wish me luck and hope it works for you.

Remedy By - Zab
Date - 23 March 2011

I used apple cider vinegar to remove the warts. I have asked for over the counter medicine but the pharmacists insisted that I go to the doctor to have the wart removed. I placed a soaked cotton ball on on the wart and taped it there overnight. It did sting and became red. The wart dissapeared after three days, now I have another one at the side of my nose. The apple cider vinegar remedy helped to remove the wart but it left a scar.

Remedy By - Theresa Ferrell
Date - 26 February 2011

My cousin had a wart on his pinky that the doctor said would have to be surgically removed because it was so big and deep. A woman prayed over it and told him to put saliva on it first thing for 7 days. He did that and the wart completely disappeared and never came back. My daughter had warts on her hand and I took her to the lady...we call her a faith healer. Same thing, 7 days of saliva first thing in the morning. The warts, about 12-15, all disappeared and never returned. My daughter has told friends about this and they tried it to have the warts disappear.

Remedy By - Carole
Date - 20 November 2007

Putting saliva on your wart as soon as you get up in the morning works very well. I had a small but painfull an persistant wart on my index. I had it burnt by the doctor approx. 4 times, yet it continued to return. I tried the saliva and within one month, the wart came off, never to return.

Remedy By - Snoekie
Date - 24 August 2007

I had a wart on the inside of my middle finger, just on the end of the pad for 18 years. I tried salicyilic acid, caustic pencil, surgery, freezing, cider vinegar, tape and banana skin None worked. Someone I met told me he dug his out with a needle, without breaking the lower level of skin. I noted that with banana skin the wart showed up clearly from the rest of the skin, white, and soft. So, I placed the inside of the banana skin, small piece, enough to well cover the wart, over the area and taped it over with a small piece of packaging tape and held in place by a plaster overnight. Then you need a sharp, robust needle, I used a bradl, heat sterilised (gas fire) and gently prised out the white area without drawing blood, leaving the lower level of skin intact, not painful. Unfortunately it did not do the whole job, but it was much smaller, less than half of the previous size. 3 weeks later, when it was clear the first treatment was not entirely successful, I repeated the process, but this time I wet the hole resulting hole and with the tip of a wet needle placed a small crystal of potassium permangenate (condy's crystal) in the hole and covered with a small piece of package tape (so it did not 'bleed' through and to keep it moist and then a plaster. I heard that in Africa they have treated warts by soaking in a bowl of potassium permangenate solution- it is an antivral- for an hour or so per day for about a week. I didn't have the time. It stung a little for as long as I left it on. 36 hours later I removed the plaster. Voila, it was gone, but I had to wait until the area healed and the upper layer of skin grew back to confirm. Sounds long winded, but actually only involves a matter of minutes over a couple of days and best of all it worked, for me.

Remedy By - Dean Harris
Date - 5 July 2007

Use the milk of the milkweed plant. Keep applying and the warts will soon disappear.

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