One Moses Basket Saved A Baby’s Life

The Moses Basket gets its name from the Biblical narrative of Moses. The king was planning to kill each toddler stereotypical boyso Moses’ mother took a basket made of reeds and coated it in tar so it could be water tight, so then place Moses in the basket. She took him into the bank of this river and placed him along with the basket at a few tall grasses so the king’s daughter could locate him. She did, also increased Moses as her son.

Baby Charlie in our Au Naturel Moses basket, handwoven from Ghana ...

Moses baskets are still utilized today to keep Infant safe and protected. They’re great for newborn babies because infant is being used to being restricted in mommy’s womb, therefore the small distance makes baby feel secure. Mothers like them because they and are small enough to take from room to room, and that means it’s possible to continue to keep your eye on baby while he yells, and even keep him near you while you sleep. Their size makes them preferable to a bassinet if you have a small space and means that they are simple to consider when traveling or simply visiting friends and family.

The design of the basket is also an elongated Shape with sides which are large enough tiny babies cannot roll out. Some have a hood at one end to shade baby’s head when sleeping. It’s handles at the middle of the basket, one on each side, for simple carrying. Stands are available to purchase for a Moses basket. This allows the basket to be off the ground, but not just take space up on a table or couch. It’s also suitable for getting baby near your parent’s bed.


There are many reasons to buy a wicker dog bed, but they could only deal with a baby until he is about three months old. Then baby is too large for your own basket. So it can be a costly investment for such a short amount of time. But some of them are less expensive compared to a lot of bassinets, which can also be only employed for a quick amount of time.

Costs for a Moses basket range from $30 to If Taking a Look at a cheaper basket, make sure It’s sturdy and well made. Check the bottom and handles are strong enough to hold infant’s weight.