Choosing Reliable Ecommerce Hosting

Where do you Begin when choosing an ecommerce hosting Supplier? There are various alternatives on the market but the very first thing you should do is to come across some testimonials to determine which providers to include in a top 10 list.

Following that, see each one in turn and check to see that they Are fulfilling all your requirements, including those listed below.Finally, create a shortlist of 3 and contact their Support desks. Are they still responsive, friendly, knowledgeable? Dismiss any that do not appear to standard.

The Fundamental prerequisites for ecommerce platform reviews are the same as For virtually any hosting service, you need:

  • Greater than 99.5% uptime
  • 24/7 support, rather including online chat facilities
  • At least 10 email accounts, many hosts provide more
  • Anti spam facilities for the email accounts
  • Support for CGI, ASP, PHP/MySQL and some other languages that you Might Wish to utilize
  • Facility to include sub domain for future expansion
  • Great built in data reporting packages such as AWStats or Webalizer

And eventually,

  • Minimum bandwidth of 5Gb a month
  • Minimum disk space of 5Mb

However, these last two will fluctuate according to how big your site. Go for an ecommerce hosting alternative that is readily scalable if you anticipate a huge increase in traffic or intend to increase the size of your web site considerably.

Besides the above You Have to look for ecommerce Hosting packages that include the following to help you specifically configure your own ecommerce website:

  • Shopping cart software, commonly Zen cart is included to create managing customer payments easy.
  • Autoresponder accounts to automatically respond to client queries with regular answers or to create customer records of possible prospects.
  • SSL secure server facilities so that customers’ personal information are encrypted and security protected.

Unfortunately a Number of These requirements are compromised by Opting for a free hosting service, most especially those for disk space and bandwidth. You have to invest in a professional ecommerce hosting agency to correctly support your company.

Ecommerce hosting shouldn’t be costly though have a look At somebody like Hostgator for a good idea of what is available at a sensible price.You should Have the Ability to produce a quality listing of Potential ecommerce hosting providers now. The only thing need to do is to seek Out customer reviews of your preferred favorite, perhaps in discussion or forums groups.