Rapper Jalen McMillan Releases Instant Classic EP ‘Triple Threat’

Rapper Jalen McMillan released his Brand New Unmarried and EP Triple Threat on May 17, 2019. The new album includes three tunes entitled ‘Azz Back,’ ‘Call My Name,’ ‘Nykee,’ plus yet another bonus track,’Keep it 1000.’ ‘Call My Name’ has already been published and has gone instantly viral about Soundcloud.Know more about Jalen McMillan.

Industry experts anticipate’Azz Back’ to be the hottest song of this summer, with renowned blogs and Spotify playlists already picking up the track. ‘Azz Back’ has been mixed and mastered Goldie Sound Productions, the most prominent and most top-rated studio in the North Florida area. The song was created by Fly Melodies and includes co-production by Jalen himself.

“‘Azz Rear’ is one of my favorite tracks, and we’re all set to begin shooting the music video for this song starting May 25 in Orlando,” says Jalen. “We plan to launch the video sometime, from mid-June.”‘Call My Name’ has already amassed an Impressive 50k plays and is gaining momentum every day. The monitor is created by ThaiBeats and has received a lot of buzz and radio drama from DJ’s in Tallahassee. ‘Call My Name’ is mixed and mastered in Goldie Sound Productions.

The album’s third track, ‘Nykee,’ is also created by famous Melodies and features hot Tallahassee rapper, Bachi. Bachi recently published his project’HGL’ and also the duo recorded this song in his area using a cheap microphone and without any mixing or mastering, providing it a profoundly raw feel.Triple Threat’s bonus track, ‘Keep it 1000,’ is created by Jalen, Othello Beats, and WeDreaming Beats.

“This course is incredibly imaginative because it’s two songs at once,” states Jalen. “In this part, the conquer transitions halfway through the track, giving the listener a unique experience.” ‘Keep it 1000’ has been mixed and mastered at Goldie Sound Productions.

When asked about the reason for the? Title of this record, Jalen suggests, “Triple Threat includes three brand new songs where I loathed, sing, and create each monitor. I want to be as much as you can in the development and launch of my songs to be certain my lovers understand that I’m as an artist.”Jalen fans will be delighted to learn that He also has plans to release a mix-tape known as ‘Miami Ten’ after the music video has been released.